3 Healthy Eating Habits to Prevent Bloating, Indigestion, and Acid Reflux

The food coma is something we all experience once in a while, but if you are experiencing it too often, something`s got to change. It is not normal to feel bloated and sluggish after every meal, and around 90 percent of the time the culprit for this is overeating.

But, what about when it isn’t? What if you aren’t overeating and yet feel bloated and sleepy afterward? This is where digestion steps in.

Top 3 Mistakes People Make While Eating     

Here are the top three mistake people make while eating! Avoid them at the next meal to prevent bloating, indigestion, and acid reflux:

Indigestion issue #1: Drinking lots of water with your meal

Water is indeed great, as long as you have it with your meal in small sips.  This helps the food along the digestive tract. However, drinking plenty of water with your meals will cause more harm than good, as it is going to give you indigestion and make you feel bloated.

When food enters the stomach, hydrochloric acid (HCL) is secreted is secreted from the stomach lining to help initiate digestion. This acid is super acidic, which allows it to break big chunks of foods into nutrients. If you drink plenty of water with your meal, you are going to dilute it and diminish its effects.


Drink plenty of water either an hour before or after your meals.

Indigestion issue #2: Eating lots of starch and protein together

Burger and fries. Steak and potatoes. Eggs benedict. All the combos that make you want to pass out on the bed afterward.  Eating large amounts of protein like chicken, eggs, and fish, and starch like bread, potatoes, pasta, and rice at the same time can cause acid reflux and indigestion.

This is because protein has a slower rate of digestion and starches digest much faster. As starches are mashed up with protein in the stomach, they have to wait for hours until the protein finishes digestion.


Eat starch first, follow it up with protein afterward.  Also, you can eat your veggies with starch and protein, either combination works well.

Indigestion issue #3: Having ice-cold water with your meal

Regarding the temperature of drinking water with your meal, choose room temperature instead of cold water.  Ice-cold water constricts the blood vessels, hindering the body`s ability to digest food and absorb nutrients.

Ice-cold water will solidify into fats which are being eaten, making them quite difficult to digest. Also, the body`s energy is going to get turned aside from trying to digest food to regulating body`s temperature.


Order hot lemon water or green tea before the start of the meal and sip on it to improve digestion.  Always tell the server “no ice” and “room temperature”.

Additional Tips on How to Beat Indigestion

  • Eat slowly
  • Don’t talk while chewing and don’t chew with your mouth open
  • Avoid acid-rich foods like tomatoes and citrus fruits
  • Add digestion-enhancing foods like cumin seeds, mint, fennel, ginger, and caraway seeds to your meals
  • Wait at least two to three hours after eating before you lie down

Source: https://www.globalremedyhouse.com

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