7 Exercises That Remove Double Chin

The term double chin refers to the extra layer of fat under the face. It is most visible in overweight individuals, but genetics plays an important role in its development as well. Another reason why the layer of fat under the chin starts to appear is the simple process of aging.

Cosmetic surgeons worldwide have tried many treatments to remove double chin, most of which are surgeries supposed to remove the fat underlying the chin and to correct the patient`s facial proportion.

In the U.S, the FDA has approved a drug which promises to remove the extra layer of fat underlying the chin. As the manufacturers explain, their targets are overweight individuals, and they have been encouraging them to try out their new product and see the difference.

But, there are other ways to remove the double chin. If you are not interested in undergoing surgery or taking prescription drugs, you could resort to exercises. Here are the top 7 exercises that remove double chin! They are simple, effective, and can be done anytime and anywhere.

7 Exercises That Remove Double Chin

The Scoop

The Scoop is the first thing to do in order to remove the extra layers of fat under the chin.  It is a basic exercise and it can be done by anyone!

Open the mouth and roll the bottom lip over the lower teeth.  Imagine scooping a mouthful of water with the lower jaw.  Close the mouth and lift the head, making sure the lips are relaxed.  Repeat for 5-7 times.

Nose Touching

The nose touching is a simple exercise which requires you to touch the nose using your tongue. It helps develop muscles under the chin and ensures that the fat will go away. Many people who have tried it swear by its effects.

Stretch out the tongue as far as you can, until you reached the tip of the nose. Repeat a couple of times.

Drawn Cheeks

The third exercise that will help you remove the extra fat underneath the chin is called the drawn cheeks.  To perform it, turn the head on the left and pull the lower jaw forward. Strain the muscles on the neck, and you should start feeling a pressure build-up. Release the pressure, turn the head to the right, and repeat.  Repeat 5 times for optimal results.

Puffy Cheeks

This exercise requires you to breathe a huge amount of air in and store it inside the cheeks. Once the cheeks started to puff, press the palms on the side and tighten it slowly.  Repeat 5-6 times and combine it with other exercises.

Kiss the Giraffe

Imagine kissing someone who is very tall. Pucker the lips and develop a tension around the neck. Hold into this for a few seconds.  Once the pressure begins to build up, release it and you will feel that the muscles have started to retract.  Repeat for 5 times to increase the chance of removing the double chin faster.


This exercise is the simplest and it only requires you to smile. Smiling provides a wide range of benefits, and removing the double chin is one of them. To perform it correctly, clench the teeth while the mouth is closed, and then push the tongue on the roof of the mouth.


This exercise requires you to put the two fists under the chin and move the lower jaw while getting contact on the fists. Then, increase the pressure gradually.  Increasing the pressure will tighten the muscles around the chin.  Hold for a couple of seconds, and then relax after you released the pressure. Repeat 5-7 times.

Source: https://www.globalremedyhouse.com

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