Why Is Sleeping On The Left Side Good For You?

All of us when we are not able to fall asleep, we keep tossing and turning trying to find the perfect sleeping position. Many of us know, but still, some of us are still in doubts. Are you sleeping better while on the back? Would sleeping on your stomach be better? According to experts, it turns out that sleeping on the side it’s best for you. Read more below.

Dr. John Douillard turns to Ayurveda, an alternative form of medicine from India, explaining how sleeping on your left side may be the ideal way to give your body the rest it needs. Here is why:

1. Breathing and spine 

John Essential is saying that if you are not sure what position for sleeping is best, then choose on the side since it is the least naturally harmful to the spine. When you sleep on the back you put too much pressure on the upper back and hips and leaves your lower back in a suspended state that is harmful in the long run. Also, sleeping on the stomach is straining both your lower back and your neck. WebMD advises that sleeping on your side is the best for providing optimal air flow to the lungs.

2. Digestion

If you are sleeping on your left side, then food waste will be processed faster as Douillard said for LifeSpa. This way food moves quicker from your small intestine to your large intestine, then into the descending colon. It’s best to do 10 min rest on the left side after a meal to have improved digestion and avoid after meal fatigue.

3. Lymph drainage

Most of the lymph system is present on our left side. And if lymph congestion happens, it is frequently on the left-hand side. If you sleep on your left side, you’re allowing gravity to take some of the pressure of lymph drainage away from your heart and your spleen, which are located on the left side of your body, as well.

All these facts mean the left side is far superior to other sleep positions, but then again, Dr. Steven Park, a sleep expert says for WebMD that trying to change the position you sleep by force, could actually make things worse, as you’ll be breaking your sleeping habits. However, if you have troubles, try this left side position and see if there is an improvement.

Source: https://lifespa.com

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